What Is A Healthy Dog Food? Sundays Food for Dogs!

In the last few decades, the status we assign to dogs has changed. Historically dogs had a work-based purpose or were owned by the extremely wealthy. Fast forward today, nearly 70% of households include a petNational Pet Owners Survey, 70% of households have a pet - dogs have become our beloved furry family members. We couldn't be happier about this! Dogs give us unconditional love and loyalty. We should always give them the best that we can afford - it's the least we can do. And they deserve it. This includes giving them healthy dog food.

New Demand For Healthy Dog Food

The problem is that dog food has not, until recently, made huge advancements... Give or take, dogs have been fed the same old kibble-based diet since 1860Read our expert's report on the history of dog food. Let that sink in... That's akin to humans eating roughly the same type of prepackaged food for nearly two centuries.

New Generation

But, pet parents from all generations, including baby boomers to millennials, want to feed their 'fuzzy child' healthy, fresh, preservative- and chemical-free dog food. With real ingredients that we ourselves eat every day. Healthy food used to make healthy dog food. We will look at many of the newer, whole food, healthy dog food companies in upcoming articles. However, we wanted to bring you one of the newest one, as of this writing, that we love: Sundays Food for Dogs.

Why Sundays Food For Dogs Is Unique

Super easy to sum up in a few words: Sundays Food for Dogs is the new type of healthy dog food for the modern dog mom (or dad). This novel dog food is unique due to its slow air-dried method that doesn't require preservatives - making it much healthier and tastier, and incredibly nutrient dense. Sundays Food for Dogs is human-grade food and comes in a recyclable box - yeah for green-living points! Finding an all-natural, healthy, kibble-like (and but oh no, not kibble) dog food is 'ruff'! Unless you know where to look. Sundays For Dogs is slow, air-dried, made with only fresh, whole ingredients, and dogs love it! Check it out! #sundaysfordogs #dogfood #airdriedfood Sundays Food for Dogs is unique because it contains zero synthetics and is loaded with nutrients sourced from 100% natural ingredients. Like what ingredients you ask? How about real, whole meats, organs, fruits, and vegetables.

Feeding your dog Sundays Food for Dogs helps to ensure that your pup lives a long, happy, and healthy life!

Created By A Veterinarian

Yes! Sundays was indeed developed by a veterinarian and an engineer whose dog became ill and required nutritious food. Dr. Tory and Michael Waxman couldn't find a dog food that met their requirements and so... Genius, they made one themselves in collaboration with veterinary nutritionists and human food scientists. Through research and development of over 100 recipes, they created the best dog food possible, Sundays, and decided to share it with the rest of us. We wanted to make something healthier than kibble, but easier than home-cooked foods. When we couldn't find it, we made it.

Healthy dog food doesn't have to be difficult or challenging to make. It can be simple, easy, nutritious, balanced, and tasty. It is right there in front of us: Sundays Food for Dogs Use our link to save 25% on your first order!

Benefits of having a pet concierge service do all the research: you get the best information while saving money and time. And, more time means more fun with your dog!

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