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  • Ultimate Holiday Giveaway

    This holiday season, enter to win the ultimate giveaway for your pooch full of healthy & holistic goodies.
  • Canine Health & Wellness Gift Guide

     Pet owners love to spoil their pups, but treats aren’t the only gift they can give during the holidays. A dog loves to be cozy and comfortable, ju...
  • Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Owners

    The holidays pose many gift challenges but finding a unique present for dog owners doesn’t have to be one of them. Dogs are often considered an ext...
  • AdVet Giveaway

  • A Natural Alternative to Medicated Dog Shampoos

    Fact: dogs have very sensitive skin, and the type of shampoo you use on your pup can have a big impact. Some dog shampoos are full of harsh chemica...
  • Look For These Traits To Know That Your Pet Sitter Rocks!

    We get you pet parents - you'd rather take your pet with you everywhere. But when you can't, here are the traits to look for to know that your pet sitter rocks!
  • To Help Your Dog Live Longer Stop Inflammation

    Stopping chronic inflammation is so important to helping your dog live a longer life. We tell you a bit about it, and how to fight it off - naturally!
  • Gone To The Dogs! Living A Canine Holistic Lifestyle

    Humans go to great lengths to life a holistic lifestyle. But what about their dogs? Learn what a canine holistic lifestyle is about, and tip your toe into creating one for your dog!
  • 5 Mistakes Raw Feeders Make

    Interested in feeding your dog a raw food diet? If so, read these 5 mistakes raw feeders make - it'll save you time and money.
  • Are Essential Oils Bad For Dogs?

    When it comes to essential oils it really becomes a question of which ones to use and how much to use when you have a dog in your house . Are essential oils bad for dogs? Let's find out.
  • The Benefits and Risks of Cooking For Your Dog

    Cooking for your dog is a responsibility - we guide you towards what to do to make sure you understand the pros and cons involved.
  • My Dog Hates My Boyfriend, Do I Dump My Boyfriend? 

    New, dreamy boyfriend! Only problem - my dog hates my boyfriend! Don't fret, we help you get through this tricky time with tips and suggestions that work!