Canine Health & Wellness Gift Guide

 Pet owners love to spoil their pups, but treats aren’t the only gift they can give during the holidays. A dog loves to be cozy and comfortable, just like its human, but pet owners often forget about these great alternatives. Below is a list of great health and wellness gift ideas that any dog is sure to love. 


1. Maine Street Bee - Paw Protector
The weather can be really harsh on the pads of a dog’s feet. In the winter, they have to walk through snow and ice, while the summer brings scorching hot pavement. Paw Protector is a soothing balm that is perfect for dry paw pads.  

2. Ohm State of Mind - Allergy Minerals
Pups that suffer from allergies are often miserable during pollen season and other times of the year when their allergies flare up. That’s why allergy minerals would be a great gift for any pup who experiences allergic reactions. The Ohm Allergy Remedy contains Orange Calcite as well as Fuchsite, which are two minerals known for relieving allergy symptoms. 

 Ohm madness

3. Ohm State of Mind - Anxiety Minerals
Anxiety in dogs can lead to hot spots, mange, and a host of other health issues. Ohm’s Anxiety Remedy contains small amounts of Lepidolite and is paired with Rhodochrosite. Together, these two ingredients work to calm a pup’s nervous system and soothe anxious tendencies. 


4. North Hound Life - Holiday Bundle
High-quality dog treats made with real food ingredients are the healthiest treats to gift a dog. Superfoods are even better to feed a pet, which is why the North Hound Life Holiday Bundle is an excellent gift for any pup this season. The bundle includes green-lipped mussel powder, golden turmeric and coconut paste powder, as well as dehydrated whole duck hearts. The muscle and turmeric powder can be sprinkled on top of any meal to give a pup an extra tasty and nutritious treat. 

5. AdVet - Large Hygiene Kit
Not a lot of dogs love baths, which is why a hygiene kit is an excellent option this holiday season. The AdVet Hygiene Kit contains shampoo, condition, and a waterless shampoo spray. The products in this kit are all hypoallergenic and created using natural ingredients. The lack of chemicals makes these products better for a pup’s sensitive skin. Use code FUR20 to receive 20% off of the purchase of our large hygienic wash kit. This includes 16oz shampoo, 16oz conditioner and an 8oz waterless spray.

6. Sweet Streams Lavender - Lavender Pet Spray
Pets don’t always smell the best, particularly dogs. That’s where Lavender Pet Spray comes in. This spray is made from organic and natural lavender essential oil and hydrosol. The lavender scent will make any dog smell like a fresh bouquet after running around outside for hours. Lavender is also known for being a soothing scent and can help pets with anxiety.

7. Pawstruck - Beef Jerky Joint Treats
All-natural beef jerky is an excellent healthy treat any dog. The Pawstruck Beef Jerky Joint Treats are a nutritious snack that contain natural amounts of glucosamine and chondroitin, which are known for promoting healthy joints. 

8. Fauna Care - Silver Spray
Dogs get into mischief all the time which often result in cuts and sores. Silver Spray is a great gift for a pet owner because the silver and zinc found in the product kill any bacteria or fungi while providing a layer of protection on a pup’s skin. 

9. Dandy - Personalized Treats
The best treats for a dog are personalized ones. Dandy’s personalized treats are specially made to give a dog the nutrients it needs, from allergen-fighting supplements to vitamins that support overall wellness. A pup will enjoy these tasty morsels and a pet owner can feel good about providing responsible, healthy treats.

Thank you to Main Street Bee, Ohm State of Mind, North Hound Life, AdVet, Sweet Streams Lavender, Pawstruck, Fauna Care, and Dandy for making this sponsored post possible.

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