Do We Still "Take Our Dog To Work" During Quarantine?

Many businesses are still having employees working from home. Which rather puts a twist on the national Take Your Dog To Work day... If you are working from home and you have a dog, well, then you are already taking your dog to work. Right? Oh well, put it down for another oddity of 2020! But for dog lovers like you - we know you still plan to celebrate Take Your dog to work day, even during quarantine!

Take Your Dog To Work Day Is Celebrated June 26th this year

How to celebrate Take Your Dog To Work Day during this year (2020) takes some fanciful thinking! We help you out! #takeyourdogtowork #officedog

Going Into The Office?

If you are one of the few people that are physically going into the office, we haven't forgotten you! Here are some resources that you might find helpful if your employer plans to participate.

Virtual Celebration!

We've partnered with Pet Sitters International (PSI) and want to share their tips for hosting a virtual Take Your Dog To Work day celebration. Take action on one, or more, of the ideas below and have yourself a doggone good time.
  • Virtual Staff Meeting With Dogs: Yes, it's a bit different this year, but don't let that stop you from petting on your coworker's dogs. Hold a virtual staff meeting and do a show and tell, and virtually meet your colleague's dog - sure to be a morale booster.
  • Dog Bio's On Company Website: People love to share pictures of their dogs - so tap into that. Work with your supervisor to create a 'Company Dogs' web page or blog post. Encourage your coworkers to submit their dog's photo along with a cute bio and set aside a special time to look at all the company doggos.
  • Adoption Option: The original goal of Take Your Dog To Work Day was to promote pet adoptions. Let's keep that tradition going! Work with a location shelter or rescue agency to hold a Zoom or send out one email where they introduce adoptable pooches. Hopefully one, or more of the dogs, will find their forever home!
  • Vet or Pet Expert Lunch and Learn: Collaborate with a local vet or other pet professional to Zoom, or some other method,  for a lunch and learn. You can have a discussion about pet separation and techniques for helping dogs through the process of when their owners return to work. Once we're all okay'd to return to work.

How To Help A Local Shelter On Take Your Dog To Work Day

PSI is hosting a Take Your Dog To Work Day Photo Contest on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. See... We have to be more clever in 2020! Between June 22 - 26 just take a pic of your pooch and post them to your social media accounts - and tag PSI. Each day during the week, PSI will randomly select a winning photo and donate $100 to the animal shelter or pet-rescue group of the winner’s choice. We love this! Let us know how you are celebrating Take Your Dog To Work Day - leave a note in the comments below.

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