Gone To The Dogs! Living A Canine Holistic Lifestyle

Many people have committed to living a holistic lifestyle for themselves. But what is a canine holistic lifestyle - and as a pet parent, are you helping your dog live one?

Is your dog living a canine holistic lifestyle? Learn what it is, how to create one for your dog, and how it can help your dog thrive!What is a canine holistic lifestyle... And, how do you live one?

A canine holistic lifestyle is simply an intentionally healthy and sustainable way of living a well-balanced life so that your dog thrives. This type of lifestyles has a pet owner making purpose-driven choices to care for their dog's physicality, mental acuity, and their overall contentment. It is the equivalent of taking care of your own mind, body, and soul.

It's important to note that nothing is too small to consider changing to a holistic lifestyle that can contribute to your dog's health and happiness. This includes all selections you make for your dog. Like body care, food, exercise, mental challenges, the bedding they sleep on, and even the products you use in your own house.

But, does a canine holistic lifestyle really work?

Absolutely! Just like living an intentionally whole and healthy lifestyle works for you. By helping your dog live their best, fully functional, health-focused life, they can experience many benefits. Such as:

  • Healthy and calm mental energy - lessens mental anxiety and stressors
  • Tranquil physicality - decreased physical stress and anxiety, less overwhelm
  • Anatomical conditioning - increased alignment with full health

Intentional Living Includes Your Dog

Mind-body connection for your dog can include things like exercise, stretching, massage, muscle soaks, etc. Just like you would do for yourself, do something similar for your dog. For example, when you take a long jog your body rebounds better through a massage. The same is true for your dog. Stretching can help your dog gracefully age with a lot less pain - same as aging adults.

Include your dog when grocery shopping. Consider natural, healthy foods as remedies!

Intentional living also includes healthy eating. Dogs benefit greatly when given natural, whole foods in their diet. Just the same as we do. A recent study has shown that by simply adding a little bit of steamed leafy green and yellow-orange vegetables in a dog's diet their life, and the quality of their life, can be greatly extended. 

Self care for dogs requires attention and time

When it comes to holistic living for humans we rely on self care. When we apply this to our dogs, creating a canine holistic lifestyle, it requires pet parents to monitor their dog's health and well-being. This requires that we, as our dog's caretakers, are keenly aware of our dog's bodies, health, and moods. But, it doesn't take huge amount of time once we develop a fluid awareness of our dog's behavior.  

Many pet owners with dog's living a canine holistic lifestyle report a more centered, focused, healthy, and calm dog. Which stands to reason when you consider that they are encountering minimal things that contribute to poor health.

How do you help your dog live a canine holistic lifestyle? Let us know in the comments below.

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