Great Dog Podcasts That You Must Follow

Interested in hearing about some amazing dog podcasts? Well, while we our getting ours ready we thought we'd share some of our favorites with you. You know, to help you fill the dog podcast void in your life. So, without further adieu, Let's dive in!

Great Dog Podcasts To Listen To

Looking for a great dog podcast? Try "Can I Pet Your Dog?"

Can I Pet Your Dog

Hosted by dog owners, Renee Colvert and Alexis Preston. The two are often accompanied by a guest and go over weekly news stories related to dogs, discuss dogs they have met on the street, and have a mutt minute where they brief the listener on everything there is to know about a specific dog breed. This podcast is funny, light, and very informative!

Looking for a great dog podcast? Try "The Vets Unleashed"

The Vets Unleashed

Two veterinarians sit down, have a cocktail, and discuss everything there is to know about veterinary medicine. If you have ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of a veterinary hospital, then this is for you. This podcast crosses the unprofessional line in an effort to remain transparent. Funny, sometimes dark and for anyone who works in the animal industry.

This American Life, Episode: In Dogs We Trust

A 60-minute podcast episode detailing stories about the pets in peoples lives. This American Life is produced by NPR and hosted by Ira Glass. This episode proves just how much pets make their way into our lives, daily happenings and even personal relationships. The episode is smart, funny, and very relatable for the pet owner.

Interested in a purebred dog podcast? If so check out "Pure Dog Talk!"

Pure Dog Talk

This podcast is for the lover of purebred dog breeds. The host, Laura Reeves, an award winning dog breeder, talks about dog breeds and the best way to create a life with your purebred dog - through understanding their personality, behavior and natural disposition. This podcast appeals to listeners involved or interested in obedience training, showing dogs, field work, agility, training therapy dogs and more.

Mind your Own Dog Business

Dog business strategist, Kristen Lee, hosts this podcast where she discusses marketing strategies, branding ideas, and entrepreneurial success tips for the pet-focused business owners. This is a podcast for someone currently managing or thinking about starting a pet industry business. She covers every topic from managing demanding clients to increasing sales and the ever-present fight against compassion fatigue. This podcast is informative and easy to follow.

Dog Health and Wellness Journey Podcast

Gotcha! No, we don't have a dog podcast yet. But one is in the works. So stay tuned and if you have any ideas or recommendations for our podcast, please leave them in the comments below.

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