Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Owners

The holidays pose many gift challenges but finding a unique present for dog owners doesn’t have to be one of them. Dogs are often considered an extra member of the family, and pet owners love to dote on their animals. That’s why a pet-related gift this holiday season is an excellent option. Shop for the perfect dog owner gift by ordering one of the unique items below.

1. Crane Air Purifier
Dogs are wonderful. Their dander, on the other hand, is an unfortunate side effect of owning a pet. The Crane Air Purifier is an excellent gift for dog owners because it will efficiently clean the inside of the house by removing unwanted dander, pollen, and dust.

2. Maine Street Bee - Pet Lover’s Gift Box
For the gift-giver who can never choose just one item, the Pet Lover’s Gift Box is a perfect choice. The box includes a jar of Maine wildflower honey, a honey-scented beeswax candle, a protective lip balm, and, for the fur-baby in the family, some Paw Protector.

3. The Doggone Good Clicker Company - Rapid Rewards Treats
Pet owners love handy products that make life with their dog easier. That’s why the Rapid Rewards Pouch should be on every pet owner’s holiday list. The bag attaches around the waist and gives the wearer easy access to treats, waste bags, and a pocket for storing keys and other items.

4. The Stair Barrier Wall to Wall Gate
Dogs love to be next to their people all day, which also means they get in the way from time to time. Dog owners will appreciate the Wall to Wall Stair Barrier because they can finally contain their pup to a specific area or at least keep Fido out of the kitchen, without sacrificing style. Stair Barriers are available in a variety of stain and odor resistant fabrics.

Thank you to Crane, Maine Street Bee, The Doggone Good Clicker Company, and The Stair Barrier for making this sponsored post possible.

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