Look For These Traits To Know That Your Pet Sitter Rocks!

We know that if you could, you would take your dog with you everywhere. But, since you can't that's where pet sitters come in. But how do you know if one pet sitter is better than another? Well, this is where we can help - we're going to share what you need to look for to know that your pet sitter rocks and that he or she understands how to keep your furry BFF happy.

What traits to look for to find a pet sitter that rocks - we share our tips with you!

Here are some tips and tricks to follow to know that your pet sitter rocks!


One of the most important things you can do ensure that your pet sitter rocks is getting references. There's nothing that will reveal what the future holds like past experiences. So, ask for references and contact them. And, don't be shy - ask all the questions you would like, including the key, "would you hire this pet sitter again?" 


If your pet sitter has a schedule that is flexible enough to accommodate your plans on short notice then odds are that you are dealing with a rock star. Flexibility is an important trait to look for when choosing a pet sitter because you never know when surprises crop up and keep you away for a period of time. 


Resourceful pet sitters rock because they have the right attitude for handling all types of pets. These kinds of pet sitters are able to adjust to nearly any situation, and provide solutions to whatever problems they encounter without having to call you all of the time for non-emergent situations.


Experience is key in managing pets. Akin to getting references, experience comes in when you know the number of years they've been working with pets and what type of certifications they have. Make sure they have CPR and other life saving certifications.


This comes in two forms: consistency in showing up on time every day they are supposed to take care of your pet; and understanding your guidelines for your pet's behavior and ensuring adherence. Your pet sitter has to reinforce your training to help keep your pet consistent.

Genuine Love for Your Pet

Interview potential pet sitters and observe how they interact with your pet. More importantly, observe how your pet interacts with the various pet sitters. Trust your instincts and the instincts of your pet. You'll be able to tell when an individual is a natural pet lover. 

Yes, Your Pet Sitter Rocks!

We get you pet parents - you wouldn’t pay such close attention to your pet sitter if you didn’t care so much about your pet. Whether you are taking a work trip or vacation, we know you'd rather have your pet join you... But, at least you can rest assured that when you follow the guidelines above you'll know that your pet sitter rocks!

How did you find a pet sitter that rocks? Let us know in the comments below.

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