About Us

FurSherpa is a modern, unique lifestyle site for dog owners. We help pet parents create an all-natural, high-quality, and environmentally-friendly lifestyle for their dogs. Our team includes some of the best, well-known dog experts in the pet industry.

Rebecca Sanchez Editor in Chief of FurSherpa 

Rebecca Sanchez, Editor in Chief
Rebecca Sanchez is a pet industry expert who specializes in helping pet parents enjoy a holistic, organic lifestyle. Applying what she learned during her notable career in healthcare, Rebecca is passionate about sussing out the healthiest, most natural solutions that contribute to the overall wellbeing and longevity of your dog. Having been in the professional pet space since 2009, Rebecca consults with pet brands, and has appeared in numerous conferences, podcasts, television and radio shows, and publications.
See more about Rebecca at her site, The Pet Lifestyle Guru.

Kimberly Gauthier
Kimberly Gauthier, Raw Feeding Expert & Advisor
Kimberly is the author of two books on raw feeding and the founder of popular pet educational resource Keep the Tail Wagging. She is currently raising five dogs - Rodrigo, Sydney, Scout, Zoey, and Apollo - (two sets of littermates and one cross-breed) and a cat with her better half in the Pacific Northwest. She loves herding dogs and love her pack of Border Collie/Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mixes. Rodrigo and Sydney were born in 2010, Scout and Zoey were born in 2013, and Apollo was born in 2019. Her dogs keep her active and make her laugh every day. Learn more about Kimberly at her site, Keep the Tail Wagging.

Dr. Madison Rose, Veterinarian
Dr. Madison Rose, Medical Advisor & Canine Palliative Care Specialist
Dr. Madison Rose is a small animal veterinarian and owner of San Diego NeighborhoodVet and Peaceful Waters Aquamation. Dr. Rose founded both of her practices on the idea that pet health care should be a positive experience for both pet and pet parent. Dr. Rose has received additional certification in acupuncture and palliative care. Dr. Rose uses her years of experience and expertise in integrative medicine to tailor care to each patient's specific needs.
See more about Dr. Rose at her sites San Diego NeighborhoodVet and Peaceful Waters Aquamation.

Kelly Moren
Kelly Moren, Dog Training & Behavior Expert
Kelly Moren of Kelly's Dog Training has been training animals professionally for two decades - working with service dogs, working dogs and even the pets of celebrity clientele. As a pet dog trainer and dog daycare owner Kelly is an expert at training dogs directly and training people to train their own dogs. She's an active member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). Kelly is a big proponent of life-long learning and giving back to the community. She has completed over 57 units of continuing education at the collegiate level focusing on animal training and pre-veterinary studies and volunteered her expertise to implement and refine standardized temperament assessment practices in SPCA shelters to enable more permanent success with placing shelter dogs in family homes. Learn more about Kelly at her site, Kelly’s Dog Training.

Christine Dimmick

Christine Dimmick
Christine is Founder and CEO of The Good Home Company Inc., author of Detox your Home, and a public advocate for health and wellness.

 Monica Banks

Monica Banks, CEO & Founder
Monica Banks is the CEO & founder of FurSherpa. Monica is a quiz addict and personalized commerce expert. Her first company, Gugu Guru, delivers tailored product recommendations to parents. Inspired by her newest furry family member, Henry - a black lab mix rescue, Monica decided to launch FurSherpa to offer product recommendations for parents of fur babies. She has over 20 years experience in branding and marketing.
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