BFF Best Friends Fur Ever

Your result is the BFF: Best Friends Fur-Ever. What a great human you are! One thing is fur sher and that is, based on your quiz results, no matter what, you and your fur baby are there for each other and are more like dos amigos than just owner and dog. Whether it's hanging at home and watching a movie or running errands, you want the very best for your bestie. Here are five products that fellow BFF owners like you love: Best Dog Bed for the comfort creature Furhaven dog bed - With almost 10,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, this bed is a clear favorite for dog owners. It features a dual-bolster L-shaped design that allows your pup to sleep in a variety of positions, while providing plenty of cushioned headrest space. We love the egg-crate foam that is easy on joints and helps to improve circulation. Available in a number of colors to suit any home décor and a range of sizes for any breed dog. TropiClean Pet Grooming Bundle - this 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner and deodorizing pet spray bundle will make you want to bury your head in your pup's fur with every use. The natural, cruelty-free formulation is soap-free and uses 70% organic ingredients. Plus, the smell is just heavenly - did we say that already? PetSafe Drinkwell Water Fountain - did you know that your pup will drink more water if it's fresh? Yup. Increased water intake is, after all, great for any pet's (and human's) overall health. This fountain will keep the water cool, fresh and running all day. Your fur baby will be happily hydrated. Bonus: if your pup is an infamous "bowl tipper" - you won't have a problem here. Primal Pet Gear Dog Leash Primal Pet Gear Dog Leash - Hands-down one of our favorite leashes available. This leash has two handles; a longer one for casual walks and a shorter one for safety and upfront control. Not only is this leash high quality, durable and comfortable, it's a great value for the price. Similar leashes on the market are close to twice the cost. BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars - aside from keeping your car clean from dirt, fur and mud, this protective cover has lots of genius pockets to store toys, treats, a leash - or other items.