How To Tell When A Product Is Dog Earth Friendly, Green, and Natural?

Dog Earth Friendly, Green, and Natural Products

Pet owners, or ‘pet parents’ as we like to call ourselves, are a savvy consumer group. We love our dogs and this shows in how we think about our pets as sentient beings. It also shows in how we prioritize their wellbeing. Pet parents seek out products that will nurture and support our dog’s health. That’s why dog earth friendly products are important to us!

What Are Dog Earth Friendly, Green, and Natural Products?

The pet market can be challenging. There are a lot of products, in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and even scents. Also, pet products have a plethora of ingredients – many that we can’t even pronounce. That’s why it’s important to seek out dog earth friendly, green, and natural products.

Dog earth-friendly products cause no harm to the environment. These types of products strive to conserve resources like water and energy throughout their production cycle. Because they are green and natural, they also consider air, water, and land pollution throughout a product’s lifecycle.

Basically, pet brands that develop dog earth friendly products are committed to being more conscious of the earth’s precious resources. This is helpful to our dog’s wellbeing as dog earth friendly products and ingredients benefit our pet’s overall health through the ingredients they do, and more important, do not use.

Read Labels, Ask Questions, Get Involved

To find products that are kind to the planet and good for your pooch make sure to read labels. If there are ingredients that you can’t pronounce, or don’t know what they are – ask questions. Also, connect with pet brands that you support and ask them how they are supporting earth-friendly initiatives. 

Getting involved is the best way to help get more dog earth friendly products into your pup’s paws!  

What Products Qualify To Be Considered Dog Earth Friendly?

It’s important that a product is non-toxic – this is the starting point. When you’re purchasing dog food, consider if the main ingredients are grown or raised in a manner that doesn’t delete the ecosystem. Sustainability is key. Also, understand if the ingredients are pesticide and herbicide free. If they are organic then the answer is yes – however, it’s important to note that organic farming for pet food is in it’s beginning stages. 

We Empower You With Knowledge!

We are all beginning to look at pet products in a whole new light. Like we do with our own personal health and wellbeing – we now are thinking about how our purchases impact our dogs. We champion these changes and encourage all pet parents to think about the following: 

  • Is your dog’s food made with sustainable ingredients?
  • Is the pet food you purchase free of chemicals?
  • Are the pet products you purchase non-toxic, BPA free, and made with recycled materials?
  • Are the poop bags you select biodegradable?