Calcium Supplements for Dogs - Are They Necessary?

If you are considering calcium supplements for dogs, you should know that calcium is an essential mineral that is important for the growth of the body structure, bones, and teeth. They also use it help move their muscles and for nerves to carry messages between the brain and their body parts. Dogs generally store calcium in their bone tissues. As with all supplements, we recommend collaborating with your holistic or regular veterinarian. They can best advise you on your dog's calcium requirements to avoid any potential risks (e.g. kidney stones, growth plate issues, etc.,). Also, continue to discuss ongoing supplementation with your vet to minimize long-term-use issues. Calcium supplements for dogs - does your pup need them or not? You might be surprised at what we've learned! #calcium #doghealth #dogmom

Bone Meal Can Be Problematic

Bone meal is often recommended as one of the best calcium sources for dogs. However, there's a potential hidden danger associated with it. Since bone meal is from animals, where it is sourced becomes very important. Most bone meal contains heavy metals like lead, which can lead to ill health for your precious pooch.

Let's look at one of the best calcium supplement for dogs products!

Wholistic Pet Organics Sea Coral Calcium

First off, it's a wellness based product and this rates big thumbs up for us! Wholistic Pet Organics Sea Coral Calcium contains a highly bio-available and Synergistic form of calcium. It has a naturally-made composition that is 38 percent calcium (38%) and 72 percent (72%) trace minerals. Wholistic sea coral calcium is obtained from the free-flowing reef to maintain high-quality and protect the precious reef and marine life. Also, it's made in the USA and regulated by the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) This type of healthy marine coral calcium has many benefits such as:
  • Being highly digestible and absorbable.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Supports the growth of bones and maintains the body structure of dogs.
  • It contains an ideal serving of calcium and magnesium that is 2: 1.
  • It helps in maintaining pH levels which helps your dog's immunity.
This wonderful product also has additional supplements like zinc, sodium, and potassium, and iodine is also present in moderate amounts.
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