Puppy Socialization Checklist

Did you just add a puppy to your family? Lucky you! Now you need a puppy socialization checklist. With a great tool like this it will make your goal of having a well-mannered adult dog a snap. This is a fabulous tool to keep your dog, and you, on schedule for continual puppy training success. This is one of the reasons why early socialization is essential in your puppy's life. A puppy socialization checklist has you track a lot of things, including socialization. While you can't change your puppy's genetics, with the right socialization training you will set your puppy up for a wonderful life. Socialization is defined as the process of introducing your puppy to the world so that he is self-assured and trusts people and navigates new experiences throughout their life.

When To Start Socialization Training

Socialization of a puppy should start from 3 weeks old and last up to 16 weeks old. It mainly depends on your dog's breed and stage of life, but it's still easier to train a 10-week-old dog instead of ten year old dog. But, you can still teach an old dog new tricks - contrary to the old saying. Socialization is different from exposure. It is done to help your puppy create and associate positive experiences with people and situations. Socializing is not just about meeting people, but about creating confidence so that your puppy can experience a full, rich life. Grab our awesome (and free) Puppy Socialization Checklist - it'll help you help your puppy grow into an awesome dog! #puppychecklist #puppy #dogmom You can also associate treats with socialization and make sure that each experience is linked with a positive outcome. If your puppy is frightened during socialization and will not do so as excepted, you should decrease the intensity of the socialization. Here is a ranking system that you can use to identify your puppy's reactions. Ideally, socialization helps your puppy become a relaxed dog - this is the goal. When being handled, when meeting a person, when encountering a new object, or walking into a new environment, is your puppy:
  • Over-aroused
  • Avoiding
  • Acting sleepy or freezing
  • Relaxed and calm with focus on food
  • Relaxed and calm even without food
Need more help? No worries, check out our useful puppy training post here - it'll have your puppy behaving like an aristocrat in no time! Okay, well, more like a good puppy. puppy socialization checklist free download

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