What Are The Best Green Dog Products?

Green products have been around for quite some time. Which is great because they are finally catching on in the pet industry. Before you really had to struggle to find green pet products - and to some extent we still have to, but it’s not nearly as hard as it once was… Not so long ago. Here are some of the best green dog products on the market right now. We all need a little support converting to a green family lifestyle - specially one that incorporates your dog's needs! This is where our green family lifestyle coach can help! #ecofriendly #greenlifestyle #greenpets

What Are Green Dog Products

When we use the word green, we mean ‘sustainable.’ This means that the pet product, ingredient, or service is created with thought to conserving resources. Green products have less environmental impact and negative impact to our pet’s health when compared to a traditionally-made item. While nearly impossible to find pet products that are 100% green, the goal is to select those that are ‘as green as possible’ - while we work with pet brands to expand green production. Typically, green dog products are:
  • Made with energy efficiency and have lower natural resource requirements.
  • Free from chemicals that impact the ozone, as well as no toxic compounds nor toxic by-products.
  • Recycled materials are used when possible.
  • Ingredients are from local manufacturers or resources where possible.
  • Biodegradable, in part or in whole.

Best Green Dog Products On The Market Today

Harry Barker

Everything that Harry Barker makes is truly adorable! Since 1997 Harry Barker has specialized in earth-friendly fabrics and azo-free dyes, eco-fleece and green bed inserts made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastics. They also offer all-natural ingredients for treats and biodegradable shampoos. Dog collars are made from 100% certified recycled plastics, hemp striped dog beds are filled with eco-fiberfill, and biodegradable pet waste bags made from recycled plastics.


Ethically made to the highest sustainable standards, BECO Pets cares for the planet just as much as they do for dogs. Their food, poop bags, accessories, and toys are manufactured in an environmentally conscious way with technological advancements focused on creating a smaller carbon footprint. BECO Pets also partners with farmers that grow, fish and harvest without exploiting people or the planet - every ingredient is singularly selected, and BECO is transparent in their sourcing.

Honest Pet Products

Honest Pet Products makes a durable line of natural dog toys that are perfect for eco-conscious pet parents focused on avoiding petroleum-based products. All Honest Pet Products are made from sustainably farmed hemp and organic wool, and their shampoos are safe, organic, dye-free, and scent-free. All of Honest Pet Products are biodegradable and made in Wisconsin.

Honest Pet Products

Natural Dog Company

Using only organic and all-natural ingredients, Natural Dog Company creates soothing balms, nourishing supplements, shampoo bars, and more. They use plant-based ingredients that are well-researched for deep healing, protective properties. Made in small batches, the Natural Dog Company makes products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and that do not have or use pesticides, chemically-enhanced fertilizers, or other harmful additives.
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