What Are Three Things I Can Do Right Now To Be A More Eco-Friendly Pet Parent?

The earth is precious, and limited in resources. This is why we as pet parents strive to be informed on topics that impact our environment. We all can do things that help save the planet - particularly when it comes to the care and feeding of our dogs. Let’s discuss what are three things we can do right now to be a more eco-friendly pet parent.

Identifying Opportunities To Be An Eco-Friendly Pet Parent

As we go through our day, it’s important to not take for granted all of the beauty that surrounds us. We’re fortunate that when we take our dog’s out for a walk we get to revel in the blue sky and green grass. This is why we need to recognize that our purchasing power and habits play an important role in being an eco-friendly pet parent. Here are things pet parents can think about to help our environment:

Buying Pet Food

  • Where do they source the protein?
  • Are the fruits and vegetables free of pesticides?
  • What type of packaging is involved - is it recyclable?
  • How far did your package of dog food have to travel to get to you?

Pet Products

  • If made with plastic, are the products you select BPA-free?
  • Are there options for biodegradable products, like waste bags?
  • Can you find products made out of recycled material, like fire hoses?
  • Should you donate some previously used pet toys to a shelter before adding new ones?
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Simple Steps To Being An Eco-Friendly Pet Parent

These are simple questions you can use to refresh your memory every time you find yourself going to a pet store or shopping online. You have the power, and you can help be the change that heals the earth. Here are the three things you can do right now to be a more eco-friendly pet parent:

Read Labels

No matter if you are buying dog food, treats, toys, clothing, or some other accessory, read the label. Understand what are the ingredients used in the production of the product you are purchasing. If the item doesn’t contain a list of ingredients, don’t buy it. Also, when it comes to pet food, make sure that the ingredients are wholesome and easy to pronounce. If there is anything on a label that you don’t understand, ask. You can even ask us - we’ll help get you the answer.

Buying Power

Exercise the power you have with your buying choices. Select and support pet companies that have eco-friendly products, that support green initiatives, that are organic or as close to organic as possible, and whose ingredients you understand. We have the ability to change the pet product market for the better - let’s do this by supporting companies with missions that align with our own.

Social Media

We are always on the lookout for eco-friendly pet products and ingredients. When we find items that meet our standards, we bring them to you. And, you should feel empowered to bring items to our attention - please let us know when you’ve found a pet brand that eco-friendly. Simply include the hashtag #fursherpaFYI on images of products that you want us to check out. We love that we have a committed eco-friendly pet parent tribe!
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