Is A Vegan Dog Collar Any Good?

Veganism is big in the animal-loving world. It makes sense that pet parents are considering ways to support companies that do not use animal testing, as well as who have vegan products. Vegan dog products, including collars, are becoming more readily available. But is a vegan dog collar really any good?

What Constitutes A Vegan Dog Collar?

On a basic level, a vegan dog collar is one that uses no animals in production or testing. Historically, pet collars are made from materials like wool, leather, PVC and rubber. Whereas vegan collars are typically made from cork, cellulose fibers, hemp, and cotton - as well as recycled/reused items. Also, vegan dog collar companies use natural dyes, glues, and thread material that are vegan.

Is A Vegan Dog Collar As Good As A Conventional Collar?

Not only is a vegan dog collar just as good as a conventional dog collar - in many cases, they are better! Vegan dog collar manufacturers tend to use material that is naturally easy to clean, incredibly strong and durable, and mold resistant. Here are some examples of excellent vegan dog collar companies:

The Good Dog Company

Using hemp as the primary ingredient in their dog collars, The Good Dog Company is an excellent animal-loving company. Starting with 55% all natural and sustainable industrial hemp, they then blend in 45% certified organic cotton fibers to create their unique hemp collars. Hemp is a stellar alternative for collars as it is easily grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides, and it doesn’t cause hot spots in pets.

Noggins and Binkles

A truly luxurious, ethical and vegan dog accessories company, Noggins and Binkles focuses on aesthetics. This animal-loving company uses only the highest quality materials, including luxury fabrics, vegan alternatives to leather, including sustainable cork and innovative Piñatex® (an animal-based cellulose byproduct), and solid brass hardware.



FriendshipCollar company is unique in that it offers matching collars and bracelets for pets and their humans. They are 100% cruelty free, and believe that no animals should suffer for fashion. At FriendshipCollar they use colorful, stylish, and fashionable vegan leather and ethically sourced fabrics that are designed to be comfortable and softer than traditional leather collars.

Hoot + Co

Slick, clean, and simple, Hoot + Co vegan dog collars are soft to touch just like worn-in leather, but are made from a natural polyester double webbing. Hoot + Co collars are waterproof, mold-proof, stink-proof, durable, and fade resistant. Produced in earth-loving colors, these animal-friendly dog collars are only made better by their tags which are engraved, painted, and sealed with a micro-crystalline wax polish for a lifetime of shine.

Hoot and Co

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